Types of Grants

Grants shall be given in accordance with these Rules only upon the death of any members of this Fund or his registered dependants. No member and/or member's child is allowed to claim an award as a matter of right or entitlement.

1) Death Grants

The rate of death grants shall be :

S/No Type of Grants Amount of Grants (S$)
1 Member 1,000.00
2 Wife/Husband of member 500.00
3 Natural child, step child and legally adopted child of member 250.00
4 Natural parents/foster parents and step-parents of members 250.00

Every application for death grant shall be accompanied by a copy of the Marriage Certificates as well as a copy of the Death Certificate.

2) Hospitalization Grant

The grants for members who have prolonged illness 1 day and above and receiving treatment in a hospital are S$30.00 (Dollars Thirty) per day from the day admitted in a hospital up to a maximum of 20 days of hospitalization in a calendar year.

3) Education Grants

Grants pertaining to the education of the children of a member who is sole breadwinner in the event of his death, shall be once only and based on a maximum of two children who are still studying:

S/No Type of Grants Amount of Grants (S$)
1 A child in primary school 400.00
2 A child in Institute of Technical Education, Secondary school, Pre-University centers, Junior colleges 500.00
3 A child in Higher Institute 700.00

4) Calamity Grants

  • Disbursement of calamity grants shall only be made if the member's house and property is destroyed by fire, natural phenomena and other calamities;
  • The Sub-Committee shall decide on the amount of the grant based on the loss incurred upon the member concerned;
  • The grant shall be up to the maximum of S$2,000.00.