Events Calendar

Events & Closure Calender of the Year 2009:

Events Date/ Day
Maulidur Rasul 13th March 2009 (Friday)
Spring Cleaning 14th March 2009 (Saturday)
Parents Teachers Meeting Session 1st 16th May 2009 (Saturday)
Spring Cleaning 6th June 2009 (Saturday)
National Day 7th August 2009 (Friday)
Speech & Drama (Mini Concert) 15th August 2009 (Saturday)
Photo Session 21st August 2009 (Friday)
Teacher’s Day 1st September 2009 (Tuesday)
Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Children’s Day 2nd October 2009 (Friday)
Spring Cleaning 3rd October 2009 (Saturday)
Rehearsal (Full Dress) 30th October 2009 (Friday)
Parents Teachers Meeting Session 2nd 31st October 2009 (Saturday)
Graduation Concert 2009 14th November 2009 (Saturday)
Spring Cleaning 5th December (Saturday)